Is Your Listing Presentation Meeting the Seller’s Most Vital Need?

In today’s dynamic real estate market, agents must stay ahead by tailoring their listing presentations to meet the ever-changing demands of buyers and ensure successful home sales. While essential elements like CMAs, home value estimates, and agent marketing plans still hold their significance, one crucial factor often overlooked is the importance of preparing the home for the market before listing it for sale. This article explores the shift in the real estate market and the importance of presale repairs and improvements in listing presentations.


The Changing Real Estate Market

The real estate market has evolved, transitioning from a seller’s market to a more balanced market, and even a buyer’s market in some areas. Today, buyers have a considerable impact on the pace and success of home sales. As millennials drive home purchases, their preference for move-in-ready homes has significantly increased. Recent research suggest 71% of millennials seeking properties that require minimal to no renovation.

The Rise of Presale Improvements:

While presale improvements are not a new concept, the approach to them has evolved. Innovators like SellSmart have introduced a streamlined and enhanced service provision, providing agents and sellers with a faster and more efficient way to prepare their homes for the market.

Presale repairs and enhancements help homeowners maximise their homes value. SellSmart’s marketplace, integrated with cutting-edge scanning technology, connects homeowners with trusted professionals who offer personalized remote quotes within 72 hours, simplifying the process like never before. Additionally, integration with leading real estate pay-later funders empowers homeowners to maximize their home’s value by completing necessary improvements now and deferring payment until settlement.


The Advantages of Presale Preparation:

Highlighting presale preparation in listing presentations offers several benefits for sellers, using SellSmart as an example:

Faster Home Sales: Better presented homes sell faster compared to properties sold as-is that often linger on the market.

Increased Profit: Sellers who invest in smart presale preparation more buyer enquiry, often resulting in higher sale prices.

Less Stress: There are many steps involved when a seller decides to bring their property to market. With SellSmart, we’re here to guide you through every step of the way.

Pay Upon Settlement: The entire presale preparation cost is covered and paid for at settlement, making it more accessible for sellers to achieve more.

Quick Turnaround: Sellers can access a community of leading service providers who will provide quotes within 72hours and complete works prior to your desired listing date.

Making the Presale Preparation Process “essential” in Your Listing Presentation:

With the increasing importance of market-ready homes and the desire for move-in-ready properties, presale preparation is now a crucial component of any agent’s listing presentation. Demonstrating the value of a presale preparation to sellers can be the tipping point in winning more listings. As the Australian housing market ages, most listings can benefit from some level of preparation to sell quickly and at a higher price.


Working with SellSmart

Partnering with SellSmart can help agents deliver exactly what their vendors need. From staging to gardening and a full house paint, SellSmart offers a range of services to support agents and sellers seamlessly. Including presale preparation in your listing presentation not only leads to higher net commission income for agents and increased revenue for agencies but also allows sellers to maximize their profits.


In today’s competitive real estate market, listing presentations need to adapt to meet the changing demands of buyers and sellers. Emphasizing the importance of presale preparation, like those offered supported by SellSmart, can help agents win more listings and provide sellers with the best opportunity to sell their homes quickly and at the best price possible.

Trust SellSmart as your partner in achieving a seamless and profitable home selling experience. We’re a free service to agencies, so feel free to contact our friendly team today to learn more.

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