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Got questions about SellSmart? We've got answers! Dive into our comprehensive FAQ section to discover all you need to know about how SellSmart operates and what we can do for you.

SellSmart revolutionizes the way agents conduct sales, offering a unique and powerful tool tailored just for you. Our platform simplifies your workflow, allowing you to deliver exceptional value to your clients with ease.

Speed up the listing process, enhance the presentation quality, and fast-track the preparation phase for your clients. Get comprehensive quotes for sale-related services in just 72 hours. Expand your capabilities by inviting your network to join SellSmart, where you can access performance data to aid in selecting the best suppliers.

From the comfort of your clients living room, request quotes, select the preferred services, add them to your cart, choose a payment method, and finalize the transaction with just a few clicks. SellSmart is designed to be streamlined, efficient, and incredibly user-friendly.

Only registered agents (or their representatives) can invite a user to open an account. The user must be:

  • Intend on selling a property for which they are personally registered on the property title.
  • Be seeking to engage suppliers offering services relating to the sale of the property.
  • Be at least 18 years old.
  • Be a permanent resident or citizen of Australia § Hold a valid driver’s license, passport, or Medicare card.
  • Have a valid email address and a verifiable Australian mobile phone number.
  • Agree to website terms and conditions.

It’s always important to shop around and compare quotes. When preparing for sale, we understand that convenience, speed, and quality are important factors.

Every time you request a quote, you are matched with up to three qualified and available service providers businesses. It is entirely up to you and your vendor which business you choose to engage.

Yes. Agencies can onboard their trusted and preferred service providers, the ones they have established working relationships with. 

This ensures that you can continue to collaborate with the professionals you know and trust while leveraging the convenience and efficiency of the SellSmart platform. 

It’s all about providing you with the best of both worlds – the familiar expertise you rely on and the streamlined process we offer.

SmartPay is our secure payment system, ensuring trust between customers and service providers. Money is committed to the job and released only when both parties are satisfied. Here’s how it works:

  • Request and receive quotes from service providers.
  • To complete the checkout, vendors need to select whether they would like to make payment via pay now or CampaignAgent’s pay later.
  • Service providers complete the job and request payment.
  • Vendors release payment upon completion of works.

SellSmart’s platform is free to homeowners and agencies.

SellSmart has partnered exclusivity with CampaignAgent to provide a secure Pay Now, Pay Later payment solution to homeowners. Once a real estate agent has prepared a marketing strategy and home preparation plan, homeowners can choose to Pay Now, or Pay Later for their marketing and staging costs. To learn more visit:

CampaignAgent is the leading provider of Pay Now, Pay Later Real Estate Solutions. CampaignAgent has pioneered Vendor Paid Advertising (VPA) funding for the real estate industry since its inception in 2015.

With over 200,000 happy vendors, CampaignAgent has cemented its reputation as the unparalleled authority in empowering real estate transactions. The company recently surpassed $1 billion of VPA funding.

At the core of CampaignAgent’s pioneering spirit lies its Pay Now, Pay Later solution, a powerful catalyst that helps vendors, agents, landlords, and tenants with newfound financial freedom.

Discover more about CampaignAgent here:

Yes, vendors can enjoy the flexibility of paying for their real estate marketing, better aligning their expenses and cash flow.

When making payment through the portal, vendors will be presented with either Pay Now or Pay Later. Fees associated will be presented at the time of making payment.

To view their latest fee schedule visit here:

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