How to create a coastal style home

Australian’s have some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, so it’s no wonder why its one of the most desirable interior design themes. Creating a coastal style home is an exciting and rewarding way to bring the beauty of the beach right into your home. Whether you live near the ocean or just want to create a beachy atmosphere, there are many ways to achieve a coastal style. Here are some tips and inspiration on how to go about creating a coastal style home:

#1 Understand the Basics

The coastal style is all about creating a laid-back and relaxed atmosphere while still having a touch of sophistication. The main elements of a coastal style home are natural materials, light and airy colours, and elements of water and nature. Natural materials like wood and stone give the home a rustic and earthy feel, while light and airy colours like blues and whites create a calming atmosphere. Elements of water and nature bring in the beachy feeling with items like shells, coral, and driftwood.

#2 Choose a Colour Palette

When it comes to creating a coastal style home, the colour palette should be light and airy. White is an ideal color for modern coastal style homes since it reflects natural light and complements ocean-inspired hues. Choose blues, whites, and light neutrals likes creams and beiges as your main colours. You can also add in some brighter colours such as coral, turquoise, and green to bring in a bit of life and energy. Don’t forget to use light and dark shades of the same colours to create depth and interest.

Don’t neglect the outside when creating a coastal oasis, elect to use subtle whites, greys, or other light neutral colours on your exterior façade of your property. One of our favourites is Lexicon White used on the façade of a weatherboard house, checkout Dulux Coastal pallets for more inspiration.

#3 Incorporate Natural Materials

Natural materials are key to achieving the coastal style. Wood, stone, and wicker furniture pieces will bring a rustic and earthy feeling to your home. You can also incorporate natural materials into your decor with items like driftwood, shells, and coral.Flooring is an easy place to incorporate natural materials, homeowners should opt in for hardwood flooring that is light in colour, has a distressed or bleached look. This will help create a beachy, coastal feel for your home. An alternative for hardwood flooring is laminate flooring, it’s durable, cost effective and has a range of colours and designs to help achieve the look you’re after. Natural stone is also a great option to create a more rustic feel.

Photo by Spacejoy on Unsplash

#4 Utilize Natural Light

Natural light is essential to creating a bright and airy atmosphere in a coastal style home. Keep your windows uncovered to let in as much natural light as possible. Installing Bifold doors are a great way to open a space and can also help you bring the outside in. An alterative to bifold doors which will help maximise the natural light in your home is skylights. Strategically placing them above entertaining areas, kitchens or even stairwells can dramatically increase light flow in your home. 

#5 Layer Textures

To create a cosy and inviting atmosphere, layer different textures throughout your home. Choose natural materials like hardwood floors, stone, as well as fabrics like linen, cotton, and jute. You can also incorporate texture with items like wall panelling, throw blankets, pillows, rugs, bleached timber furniture, coastal ornaments, and cane furniture.

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